St. Thomas Christian University
Semester Schedule

New Testament Survey 11-12 am 
Bible Doctrine 6-7pm 
Homiletics 7pm-8pm

Old Testament Survey 11-12 
Marriage and Family Counseling 6-7pm 
Intro Biblical Counseling 7-8pm


Systematic Theology 8-10am
Premarital Counseling 9-10am

Upcoming Workshops:

Media Training 

Grant Writing

Staff Leaders

STCU Graduate Believes.

The Bible is the revelation of the nature and will of God, the incarnation of the Son, and the work of the Holy Spirit, and is the authority for Christian faith and practice.
Life has meaning only through a relationship with God, recognizing that the pursuit of knowledge in any field is ultimately a quest for understanding of God and His creation. Faith and learning are integral and cannot be separated with impunity.

STCU Purposeful Graduates 

Developing purposeful graduates is the culmination of all aspects

of an STCU education and experience. Purposeful graduates apply skills and knowledge into practice as productive and contributing members in their respective families, churches, communities, and places of work..

STCU takes seriously its history and calling to deliver excellent academic programs within a distinctively Christian learning environment. Faculty and students engage in research and academic dialogue from a faith-based perspective and with a confessional commitment to the authority of the Bible as Holy Scripture


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Dr Vickie Munn