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Intro to Basic Technology

Step 1

Welcome to The Learning Experience !Your first step is to review this video given by campus president it will give you instructional outlines for this particular course of study 

Step 2

Please remember to download the course syllabus review all information in the course syllabus execute all the tasks that the professor has laid out for you and you should be on your way to a rewarding grade in this class

Step 3

Make sure you listen to all of your lectures now it's time to start learning gather the information in video and audio formats

Step 4

Please download & review your e-book you will find insightful information that will benefit you in this particular course this e-book is designed to give you practical application for premarital counseling we believe this information will assist you is a professional premarital counselor many of you might be clergy or you may be doing this for a professional occupation outside of preaching when I tell you this is a great opportunity to utilize Advanced skills to help individuals with the spirit of Excellence as they are pursuing the ministry of marriage

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